Our Breeding stud dogs

We are professional breeders of Perthshire Toy Terriers (unique to our kennel) licensed with the Perth & Kinross District Council.

In our quest to find a petite non shedding toy companion dog to join our family, (one that my husband would not be allergic to) we found our beautiful Biewer Yorkshire Terrier whose parents were imported of Russian Champion lineage.

Upon further investigation we discovered that the Yorkshire Terrier existed in a vast array of colours from the traditional black/blue and tan/gold that we are familiar with.

Unlike the Yorkshire Terrier the Biewer Yorkshire Terrier sports a tri colour coat of white, black/blue & tan/gold which is described as “parti” or “piebald” in the canine world. Similarly the Biro Yorkshire Terrier is differentiated from the Biewer not only by it’s chocolate, gold and white coat but also its chocolate nose.

The golddust Yorkshire Terrier has a solid golden coat but can also found in white parti variations. These too were first pedigree registered in Germany in the 1980s.

Other colours found include but not limited to are the all black, chocolate, sable, black/tan chocolate tan with and without white.

One can only speculate as to how the variation of colour genetics were introduced into the gene pool of the Yorkshire Terrier however there is a shared consensus that the colours have always been present during the development of the breed.

Theories set aside the fact remains that over several decades pedigree registered dogs have been presented and judged in dog shows organised by dog breed clubs in Russian and Europe for several decades.

Of similar type we also came across the Colourful Terrier and whilst the breed primarily combines the characteristics of the Yorkshire terrier at some point the colour genetic of the merle pattern was introduced to the gene pool via an outcross hence why they are registered as Colourful terriers not Colourful Yorkshire Terriers.

In breeding our Yorkshire Terriers girls of different colours with our Colourful Yorkshire Terrier boy; our Perthshire Toy Terrier breed was established.

Our ultimate aim is to preserve the characteristics of the traditional Yorkshire Terrier breed in an array of colours.

In addition to our family of toy breed dogs we are also home to our doodles Sophie and grand daughter Isla.

If you are interested in finding out more about our very small Perthshire Toy Terriers availability or reservation possibilities please feel free to contact us.