In our quest to find a petite non shedding companion dog to join our family, one that my husband “Gilbert” would not be allergic to, we found our beautiful Biewer Yorkshire TerrierJana” from a breeder in Scotland. It transpired that her parents had been imported from Russia and were of Champion lineage throughout their pedigrees.

Upon further investigation we discovered that the Yorkshire Terrier also exists in a vast array of colours from the traditional black/blue/tan/gold that we are familiar with.

Unlike the Yorkshire Terrier the Biewer Yorkshire Terrier sports a tri colour coat of white, black or blue & tan points which is referred to as “Parti” or “Piebald” in the canine world. Similarly the Biro Yorkshire Terrier is differentiated from the Biewer (Beaver) not only by its chocolate, gold and white coat but also its chocolate nose, eye rims and pads.

Yorkshire Terriers can also be found include but not limited to are the all black and chocolate Yorkshire Terrier with or without tan/white.

You can find out more about the colour variations found within the Yorkshire Terrier gene pool by reading the History Of The Yorkshire Terrier

Theories set aside the fact remains that over several decades pedigree registered colourful Yorkshire Terriers in all their coat colours have been presented and judged in dog shows organised by dog breed clubs in Russia and Europe for several decades.

Our Breeding

Our ultimate aim is to preserve the characteristics of the traditional Yorkshire Terrier breed in an array of colours.

We have taken the time to search and import the very best dogs from which to breed all of whom are of champion pedigree and lineage which assures us that their parentage has met the breed standards in conformation, gait, type, and character all of which are important factors that a responsible breeder takes into consideration prior to making the decision to breed. Of course first and foremost they are members of our family whom we love dearly.

Our Double Doodles

In addition to our family of our Yorkshire Terriers we are also home to our multi generational North American Retriever (Double Doodle) girls Sophie and her great grand daughter Colour Me In Isla.

Our Double Doodle breeding has reverse engineered the origin of the Flat coated Golden retriever to produce a non shedding, highly intelligent, trainable family dog.

The North American Retriever combines three of the most intelligent breeds, the Golden Retriever, the Labrador and the Standard Poodle.

The parentage of our girls pedigrees have been recorded since the1980’s. Isla is our only active breeding bitch having produced her first litter in 2022 at the age of three. Her great grand dam Sophie produced two litters and is now a retired granny and a very good one too!

Our Doddles have found homes throughout the UK, Highlands and Islands with Isla’s sister Ginger exported to Greece, herself now a mother and continues our Double Doodle breeding program on the continent.

If you are interested in finding out more about our very small Yorkshire Toy Terriers or our Double Doodles, availability or reservation possibilities please feel free to contact us.

We are licensed with Perth & Kinross Council which is now a legal requirement for all dog breeders be it hobby or professional who breed more than two litters each year in Scotland and the UK.