The Chocolate Yorkshire Terrier has a beautiful long silky chocolate coat, small upright ears, large bright eyes. The eye rims and nose must also be chocolate in colour. In other breeds chocolate is often referred to as liver.

In order for a Yorkshire Terrier to be chocolate each parent must either be chocolate in colour or carry a copy of the recessive chocolate gene and pass it onto it’s progeny. All chocolate/liver dogs are homozygous for the chocolate gene which results in the parent always passing on a copy of the chocolate gene to it’s offspring.

The chocolate Yorkshire Terrier can also be found in chocolate and tan with or without white markings, often referred to in canine terms as mismarked or abstract. They are extremely rare in Scotland and even rarer to find chocolate Yorkshire Terrier puppies that are specifically bred from registered parents that conform to the breed standard of the Yorkshire Terrier.

Chocolate and tan Yorkshire Terrier puppy