Our beautiful “Chanel Diamond In The Sky” simply “Jana” to us at home. Jana is where our adventure into breeding the Biewer and different coloured coated Yorkshire Terriers began. Enchanted by her gentle, loving nature and quiet disposition we were eager to learn more about this beautiful little dog and quickly discovered that the Yorkshire Terrier not only exists as a Parti coated dog but also exists in a wide array of colours including but not limited to the Biro Black, Chocolate and Golddust Yorkshire Terriers.

Purchased in Scotland, Jana’s parents were imported from Russia and are of champion lineage. Her dam is a Biro Yorkshire Terrier (Chocolate Gold & White) and her sire a Biewer Yorkshire Terrier (Black Tan & White)

Although shown in her picture in a full coat of black tan & white the black has now faded to blue as it often does in the Traditional coated Yorkshire Terrier.

As Jana carries the Chocolate gene her puppies may be Biro or Biewer when bred to a Biro or Biewer Parti Male.

Jana’s mission in life is to love and be loved which she always demonstrates to visitors. All of her puppies inherit her sweet, calm, gentle nature and are perfect for families looking for companionship.