Similarly to the Biewer Yorkshire Terrier the Biro Yorkshire Terrier is a “Parti” coated Yorkshire Terrier. The only distinguishing difference between the two is that the coat of the Biewer Yorkshire Terrier is black/blue tan & white whilst the Biro Yorkshire Terrier is chocolate tan (gold) & white


The first Biro Yorkshire terrier puppy was a bitch “Art of Highclass Relight My Chocolate Fire” born December 1, 2004 to the Art of Highclass Kennel of the German breeders Roberto Krah and J. Lutz. It was this female dog who became the first registered representative of the Biro Yorkshire terrier.

Mother of the puppies – Alisha vom Wasserschlößchen – gave birth to four puppies. Three of the puppies had the Parti coat of a Biewer but the fourth puppy was a female puppy who was chocolate gold and white.

Six weeks later on the 14th of January 2005 another female Biro Yorkshire terrier was born in another Kennel owned by breeders Birgit Rösner and N. Polak. The puppy was named Little Princess from the Lightning Showboy. The breeders of both Kennels took interest in the appearance of this new coat color and decided to continue breeding and strengthening the chocolate Biro Yorkshire terriers. Although rarer than the Biewer Yorkshire Terrier colouring the Biro Yorkshire Terrier can now be found world wide.