Up until recently the Biewer Yorkshire Terrier was practically unheard of let alone seen in the UK but this small gentle dog has rapidly become a favourite with dog lovers around the world.

So what is a Biewer Yorkshire Terrier and is it really a Yorkshire Terrier? In short yes!

In 1984 a very special puppy “Schneefloeckchen von Friedheck (Snowflake) was born in Germany her parents were both Yorkshire Terriers originating from the UK but unlike her siblings she did not have the black and tan colouring of a Yorkshire Terrier puppy, her coat was black tan & white.

Her Breeder Dr Biewer was fond of the anomality and pursued the development of breeding the Parti Coloured Yorkshire Terriers which he initially named the Biewer Yorkshire Terrier a La Pom Pom.

In 1989 the Biewer Yorkshire Terrier was officially recognised by the Allgemeiner Club der Hundefreunde Deutschland (ACH) the German equivalent of the UK Kennel Club.

In recent years the American Kennel Club has created a sub category for the Biewer Yorkshire Terrier providing it with it’s own breed classification the Biewer Terrier but in Europe it maintains the title of the Biewer Yorkshire Terrier.

Breed Standard

The Biewer Yorkshire Terrier has a piebald/white spotted/parti, coat pattern featuring head coloring of blue/black, tan/gold & white. The saddle area of the body is black/blue and white. The legs and at least the tip of the tail are also white with many having completely white hair on the tail.

Technically the term “Biewer” refers to a specific coat colour of a “parti” Yorkshire Terrier. If a puppy is black & tan with no white it is not a Biewer Yorkshire Terrier. If a Yorkshire Terrier is bred to a Biewer Yorkshire Terrier and the puppies are black & tan the puppies are not Biewer Yorkshire Terriers they are black & tan Yorkshire Terriers.

You may also have noticed breeders advertising their puppies as “Biewer carrier” there is no such thing as a “Biewer Carrier”! If one parent has a black tan & white coat and is a registered Biewer Yorkshire Terrier and the other parent is a traditional black & tan Yorkshire Terrier then their offspring will carry the Piebald Gene. The puppies of the latter cannot be Parti unless both parents are Piebald or both parents carry the Piebald gene with each parent passing it on to their offspring.


The Biewer Yorkshire Terrier is best described as a small joyous little dog. In Europe breeders often categorise puppies into two sizes, “Mini” and “Standard” whilst there is no official classification it is indicative of the expected weight and height of a puppy at maturity. As with the Yorkshire Terrier sizes can vary with an average weight range of between 1.9 – 3.6 kg (3-8lbs) however as with all breeds height and weight can be less or more than the ideal standard.

The coat of the Biewer Yorkshire Terrier falls into the category of low shedding that is hair will shed minimally just as human hair does and will not cast or molt with the changing of the seasons. The hair also has a similar structure to human hair which is often better tolerated by people suffering from allergies. It is however important to note that allergic reactions are often triggered by a dogs dander and or saliva.

As a non shedding breed their coats require daily grooming, however we find that a once weekly bath helps to reduce grease and dirt and reduces the coat from tangles and mats.


The Biewer Yorkshire Terrier are generally very healthy little dogs with an average life expectancy of 15 years though it is not uncommon for them to live longer. The most common problems that can arise as with many small breeds are Luxating Patella, Liver Shunt and Progressive Retinal Atrophy. Given the overall good health of the Biewer Yorkshire Terrier insurance premiums are reasonable.